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Ginger Rogers was born on July 16th, 1911 in Independence, Missouri (Ginger Rogers). Her parents, Lela Owens and William McMath, originally named her Virginia Katherine McMath (Ginger Rogers). The name Ginger Rogers came about when her cousin was unable to pronounce her real name and Rogers came from her stepdad John Roger (Ginger Rogers). By the age of 10, Ginger was already appearing at local charity shows, celebrations, and lodge meetings with her stepdad (Ginger Rogers). When she was fourteen, she was awarded her own vaudeville tour by winning a major Charleston contest (Ginger Rogers). The award was a tour for four weeks of appearances in four Texas cities on the Interstate Theatre Circuit; however, the tour continued much longer when…show more content…
Some people may have viewed her role in the film as being a little “gold-diggerish”, but I disagree. I think she used her acting skills to present a woman who will not settle for someone who does not bring the same elements as what she has to offer. From what I felt from her character, she portrayed a woman wanting someone who believes in their dreams as much as she believed in her and also wants to be successful in whatever they choose to do. On the other hand, she was very adaptive when it came to the dancing scenes since Fred was a more experienced dancer than she was. Ginger used what she knew best and used her acting skills to make facial expressions and graceful movements to make it seem like dancing with Astaire was the most wonderful thing in the world. Two particular scenes in “Shall We Dance” shows Ginger using her facial expressions and body movements to create an on-screen chemistry with Fred. One scene in particular is the scene where Ginger sings, “They All Laughed (at Christopher Columbus)” and Peter later surprisingly joins her to dance. During this scene, Ginger sings using her voice to emphasize points within the song all while standing very poised. When Fred is announced to join her on stage to dance, Ginger uses her acting skills to seem annoyed. After seeing that Fred knew how to tap dance, Ginger uses her facial expressions to create a look that seems as if she is reconsidering how she felt about him and decides to give it a try by dancing with him. While dancing with him, Ginger portrays her movements as graceful and smooth. She manages to keep up with Fred although she is wearing a floor length gown. In this scene, Ginger manages to transform from annoyed to enjoying dancing with Fred through her acting skills and her

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