Into Thin Air Disaster

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RJ Meyer English H P6 Climbing the highest mountain in the world is precarious business. Imagine running into any sort of issue, or malfunction at sea level, then imagine that same malfunction at over 26,000 feet - the risk is increased immensely. Jon Krakauer, an award winning american journalist, is tasked with writing an article on the commercialization of Mount Everest the tallest mountain in the world, and transforms his thoughts into his award winning novel Into Thin Air. Some climbers who are often grossly inexperienced ones, pay up to $65,000 dollars to summit the over 26,000 foot monster. Jon, a fairly experienced climber himself, joined an American team, and soon saw that not all of the climbers are as experienced as he was. The…show more content…
Human error ultimately was the cause of the Everest disaster of 1996, the main contributing factors bring poor decision making skills, and copious amounts of inexperienced climbers on the…show more content…
On a mountain that towers more than 27,000 feet in the air, one can imagine that vast amounts of experience is needed to climb the mountain. Some members of Jon Krakauer’s team had little to no experience climbing huge mountains similar to Everest, they simply paid their way onto the mountain. Jon himself had climbed many challenging mountains, some solo with no support or backup plan in place. A prime example of this dangerous climbing style was a climb he referenced is his book, Into The Wild, where he climbs a mountain in the remote Alaskan wilderness called Devil’s Thumb. This mountain consisted of a mostly vertical challenging face. With his copious experience, Jon was easily able to spot inexperienced climbers within his group. When making their first ascent from base camp, in chapter 6 Jon noticed a handful of his fellow climbers unpack brand new climbing boots. Boots are arguably one of the most important aspects of climbing gear, they should always be in contact with the mountain, and unfamiliarity with them can cause major issues. This is just one example showing their arrogance pertaining to climbing. Jon talks about other groups on page 104, and their experience levels “The solo Norwegian, the Taiwanese, and especially the South Africans were frequent topics of discussion in Hall’s mess tent. ‘With so many incompetent people on the Mountain,’ Rob said with a frown

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