Is God Unkind Fable?

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Is God an unkind fable ? There are many people who believe that God is a divine entity of virtue, I however disagree. For example, if God is virtuous rather than vice then why do people kill each other in the so called divine being’s name, why do they suffer while others relish, and why is the world so unjustified ? As a result of God’s influence through the churches of the world, the Dark Ages took place and delayed humanities technological advances for a few centuries.Furthermore is God even real; there is no physical evidence except for personal accounts and self proclaimed oracles such as Jesus.Also if God being real is omnipotent then he is an all knowing psychopath seeing everything yet does not do anything to prevent casualties nor preventing natural disasters which kills hundreds of thousands annually.…show more content…
There is also no ceiling above nor a bottom below us, just the vast desolate emptiness known as space.”All the same reasons why every other claimed deity figure of human history is fake. “No evidence shows otherwise. Dreams are not evidence. Wishful thinking is not evidence. Logical fallacies are not evidence.”(Andre L, 2014, P1). The statement above is evidence against God and that he is a fable created out of false hope and

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