The Flea John Donne Analysis

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John Donne’s poem The Flea is the script of an argument based on the twisting of the idea of a holy bond, such as a marriage. The speaker tries to persuade a lady into bed, using the flea. He uses the flea as a basis to get the lady to believe that they are conjoined just as their blood is within the flea. Just as marriage bonds two people, the speaker says that he and the lady are bonded by flesh and their blood is intermingled. If they are boned then, it is okay for them to conduct in relations that married people wield in. The speaker does not use exaggerated lines of commitment or promises of the unity of him and the lady. Rather the speaker is straight to the point he is telling the woman what he wants. He tries to get her to reckon on his…show more content…
His idea of the connection to the lady. “It sucked me first, and now sucks thee, And in this flea our two bloods mingled be” ( 3-4 J.D ) The speaker says that he need not court the young woman because they are already merged with each other. He explains that she is denying him of something simple, and them having relations is not a big thing and that it is not a sinful act. Because, they (their blood) are already commingled inside of the flea. Therefore, he tries to get her to question how could it be wrong for them to embark upon sexual activity. The first stanza is an effort to convince her that she should sleep with him and that it isn’t a dishonest if they do. In the Second stanza the speaker continues to try to build this argument, so that he gets what he wants. Continuing to try and persuade the lady to go along with sleeping with him. The woman tries to kill the pesky insect. “This flea is you and I, and this Our marriage bed, and marriage temple is” ( 12-13 J.D ) The speaker then adds the flea to the idea of their bond, not only is he and the lady bonded but also the flea is too. “And sacrilege, three sins in killing

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