Mawsynram: The Rain In India

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Mawsynram, India Eiso Van Der Post Yogyakarta Independent School Physics MYP 4 20 February 2018 Some people in the world hate rain and find everything of it useless, Others find it a resource of living. Mawsynram is located in India right next to Bangladesh. The location of Mawsynram is the place of the most rain in the world. It has a population of 1337 and with families of 4-5 which makes it around 280 families. Mawsynram natives found several ways of bypassing the rain with materials and trying to use the rain in good use. People in this world are suffering from natural disasters. My essay is focusing on the wettest place in the world that is named Mawsynram which is located in India. The world's populations…show more content…
Mawsynram people faces a lot of challenges such as floods and property damage. Most of Mawsynram Challenges is caused by the rain that they get everyday. The most important challenge faced is obviously flood. The floods in Mawsynram will occur in houses, Farms ETC. Sources tell me that India is a third world country and that it does not have the biggest economy in the world and they they have a lot of homeless people. Mawsynram is not near a big city which makes it very hard to get money or to get food and living equipment. In the houses of Mawsynram there is a lot of very cheap materials used for the roof and walls causing a lot of leaks which causes floods inside the house. As soon as it rains the crops, farms and the plantations will be ruined because it will be flooded. They have lack of food for the…show more content…
The water from Bangladesh evaporates gathering moisture as they move up into the air until it forms to a cloud. As the cloud moves norths (towards Mawsynram) precipitation happens right above Mawsynram causing it to rain everyday. Mawsynram has 12 meters of rain a year. Mawsynram deaths include a lot of rain related deaths. 20 percent of Mawsynram deaths are because of the rain. People in Mawsynram does not have the resources to teach with good education. People in Mawsynram do not know how to swim because of its environment (nowhere to swim). Most deaths are related to not being able to swim which is drowning. Such as Indonesia Mawsynram has a raining season as well. Their raining season is between June - July which causes 7m of rain during the 2 months. 58% of Mawsynram rainfall comes in two months. The coldest temperature that was recorded in Mawsynram, India is 11.5 degrees celsius while the hottest was 25 degrees celsius. Which means in average its around 16-20 degrees daily with rain which makes it very humid. Mawsynram is located in India with being known of the wettest place in the world with a peak of 12m of rain a

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