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The emotional aspect is what makes an explorer. To physically explore is meaningless if one does not have the emotional aspects of a true explorer. An explorer is mostly viewed as someone who travels in search for geographical and scientific information. Most people tend to focus on the physical traits of an explorer and not the emotional aspects. An explorer does not necessarily have to go out and travel, but the emotional aspects can lead to just that. Jon Krakauer demonstrates what Chris McCandless intentions were to go to Alaska and what might have caused it. McCandless was someone who achieved in everything he did (“Wild Thing”). He was very blessed with the materialistic things of the world; he lived in a wealthy home and had many privileges that would help him succeed. He earned good grades in school and got into an excellent college. He had everything a person would want in this modern day world, yet he was not satisfied. His journey to Alaska began to emerge after he found out a dark secret, of the two most important people, his parents, had kept from him for many years, and felt like this whole…show more content…
For instance, monks live away from society and live on high mountains. The connection with nature surrounding them helps them gain and receive inner peace (Nash #). In a similar way, McCandless was like a monk. His love and curiosity for nature sprouted at an early age. His family went on many camping trips and hikes for their vacation. These were the moments he would wait for, for he got to explore his surrounding and make memories with his family (Johnson et al.). He also connected with nature through books. The books he would read motivated him to start and continue his journey to find his own destiny in Alaska. His books gave him a true meaning behind them because he wanted to find true meaning

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