Stand And Deliver Movie Analysis

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Stand and deliver is a true story about a teacher who left engineering to take a job at a school to teach Calculus. The demography of the movie took place in a Hispanic neighborhood of east LA. People has low expectations of the students, from their test scores and where they came from. He knew kids respond to expectations that people give them, that's why they perform so poor. He taught students different forms of math, and to gain confidence in their intelligence. Once they were ready to take the AP exam, most of the students passed. The test makers believed some cheated and made them retake the exam. The students retook the exam, and proved them wrong by getting high scores again. Off charges of cheating, they were given back their grades…show more content…
The school known for their high standards and top education, they expect the same from their students. This proves that there is a lot expected from the kids and this puts a lot of pressure on the students. The demography of this movie is on an all boys preparatory school in Delaware. The students are pressured by parents to have the best of grades and to fulfill the parents expectations to have a sophisticated career, such as doctor or lawyer. They expect to have amazing grades and scores and to pursue the dreams of their parents. One year, they are introduced to a new teacher who teaches the boys different methods of learning poetry, they become interested in poetry and start to find escape from everything in poetry. They learn about a dead poets society founded in the school many years before. This society was a group of boys who loved poetry, loved to read it and loved to create it through own personal style. The students found out the teacher himself was in the society. the society helped the kids to find a part of themselves that was afraid to come out. The teacher helps them to find escape and confidence to pursue their dreams and to always seize the

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