Clueless Short Summary

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In chapter 4, Douglas talks about how the high focus on typical girly movies and television shows created a trend. Douglas mentioned the movie "Clueless" because it was the "click flick" that started this tread. This opened up doors for women and girls to have a perspective in a movie as well as the motivation to embrace their sexuality and demand for equality. We saw this movie from Cher's point of view which is rare for a woman in television or movies. The Spice girls can be related with "Clueless" because they pranced around in very sexy, revealing clothes but tried to stress to young girls and women that girl power was the way to go. Shows like "Ally McBeal" demonstrate the struggle of a woman having to choose between an occupation or a family life. The movie "Legally Blonde" shows a main female character embracing and promoting feministic values but seem to lose sight of their goals toward the end. These characters are trying to bring attention to women wanting to be successful and still have "girliness" as both main characters are are strong women but still display whiny…show more content…
Douglas talks about how white women did not have many rights but they always had race on their side because black women were disadvantaged due to their skin color. Men of color even participated in bashing the name of black women in such shows like "Martin". Women like Queen Latifah and Salt&Pepper have found ways to use media bring attention to feministic issues in the show "Living Color". The character Miranda Bailey from "Grey's Anatomy" demonstrates that there can be a balance between work and family life because she is a successful surgeon and have family. Douglas also speaks about how Oprah reaches out to both the White and Black communities because she exercises Black Speak and White Speak. She expresses that she does not feel Oprah is a

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