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14439248 Sports HRM- Reflection No.2 Competency Based Interview Questions Last week in class we learned about competency based interview questions and why they may be used. I had not any previous knowledge on this topic before so I found it interesting to learn about the subject in depth. A competency model, as stated by Mansfield, Richard S (1996), is a detailed behaviourally specific description of the skills and traits required by employees to be effective in a job. Competency based interviews therefore feature questions designed to measure your ability to handle the job and specific situations that you may be faced with. Questions in these interviews generally require you to demonstrate that you possess the skills the employer is looking…show more content…
This is because competency interviews tend to filter out the ‘false positives’ from actually being selected. False positives are people who are hired but never should have been as they do not suit the workplace they are in. Organisations will demand answers from applicants relating to their core values and will be able to easily identify the applicants whose values and motives align with that of their own. This is called ‘Cultural Fit’. A survey by Allen Associates has found that cultural fit is more important to recruiters than skills. They found that forty-seven percent of Human Resource managers in the survey said that fitting with existing culture and teams was their top criteria when hiring whereas only twenty-seven percent thought that experience was most important and twenty six percent thought skills and qualifications were as important. Skills and experience can often be acquired or enhanced through training whereas personal attributes are much more difficult to change. (Allen Associates,…show more content…
An employee who can come up with new initiatives to increase sales and customer interest in the shop will be highly valuable. I believe by asking this competency based question I will be able to determine from the applicants answer how effective he or she would be in the shop. An applicant may have plentiful relevant work experience but by asking them to detail how they have shown initiative and thought outside the box in the past will show how they can influence your business long term as well as weather or not they have potential to be one day promoted to a manager’s position within the business. Overall, I enjoyed learning about this topic and how it can greatly improve organisation recruitment, culture and ultimately productivity by implementing the correct competency based questions into applicants interviews. References Mansfield, Richard S. "Building competency models: Approaches for HR professionals." Human Resource Management (1986-1998) 35.1 (1996): 7. McClelland, D.C. (1973). Testing for competence rather than for intelligence. American Psychologist, 28, 1–14. Boyatzis, R.E. (1982). The competent manager: A model far effective performance. New York: John Wiley and Sons. Word Count:

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