Metaphor-Analogical Essay: Teenagers And Tacos

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Alesha Jeter Metaphor/Analogy Essay 3.20.18 Teens and Tacos Teenagers. They’re loud, they’re weird, and they’re buzzing with strange hormones and emotions. It can be hard to describe teenagers as a whole though because their personalities create something much deeper than the three attributes listed above. Teenagers seem hard and strong on the outside but are brittle and easy to break. They are full of promise but at times fail to reach the expectations of the people who believed in them the most, along with their own expectations for themselves. Teenagers are like tacos. Don’t scoff just yet! There is sound reasoning behind the previous and slightly absurd statement that is sure to win over even the most skeptical of readers. The shell of a taco is quite something. It can be made of flour, corn, or even Doritos. But one thing that all taco shells have in common is that they break easily. The same can be said of teenagers. Black, white, or beige, teenagers are easily broken. Even the smallest cracks in the outer shell of a teenager are enough to destroy them. Bite into a taco the wrong way and all the contents come spilling out. Teenagers have soft interiors and aren’t immune to the pangs of the heart. Whether it was Lisa calling Jenny fat or Drew saying he already had a date for the prom, any kind of comment will hurt a teenager.…show more content…
Your mind is taken to a distant place. You take another bite and suddenly your taco is a taco salad. On the flip side, you look down at the first question of your test and you know you’ve got this. Might as well just get the A+ now. The only thing on your mind is the test in front of you. You flip the page and suddenly you everything you studied the night before is gone. Oh, the misery of both scenarios. The student, much like the taco, was so full of promise. The promise to be something good. Great even. But it all came crashing down in one fell

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