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Rose Journal B This week was different from the last week. Last week everyone shared their personal thoughts and emotions that made me feel something. But this week people seemed more psychological than the previous week. People did not seem eager to share anything personal, and I also did not find a topic to share. I knew this is not a therapy session, but at the same time I couldn't help thinking "exactly how is this going to improve my skills?" One person presented her concerns about this profession. I had nearly the same stage in my first years of experience. And it provoked me to have a further education. There are some times that I ask myself "Why a person wants to work with unhappy, psychologically impaired people all the time." But I find myself saying, "But you enjoy studying it, learning more…show more content…
And doing this would sound like an effort of convincing a person that our profession is good. So this disclosure demotivated me about talking. I talked about other topics. I still see this group as a chance of learning things, I liked when people shared their methods of organizing or dealing with things etc. For that reason, I tried to talk more in this session. I can ask people their methods of coping with some struggles. The only thing that irritates me in the session was the A.C and I could not hear some of the things, but I did not want to interrupt people and spoil the moment. I can bring more issues to the session, but I also know that sharing personal things could be unpleasant sometimes. Talking in public always worries me and I feel like I am putting so much effort in this. During the week I think about what to talk in the session. When some people do not talk at all I feel bad, I want everyone to join in this. I also do not like some people dominating the conversations. I enjoy when everyone talks

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