Integumentary System Essay

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The integumentary system has to do with the skin. There are layers to the skin and many incredible structures to the skin that put it together. To start off, the dermis lies beneath the epidermis and is often referred to our real skin, the outer layer. It is composed of dense connective tissue. There are many things that go through our skin. For example: blood vessels, nerves, lymph vessels, smooth muscles, sweat glands, hair follicles, and sebaceous glands which are in the dermis. There are many functions to the integumentary system. But since there are so many, let's just focus on two which are hair and nails. First off, the hair covers our skin. It is all over our entire body except the palm of our hands and the sole of our feet. Since…show more content…
Whenever we get a cut or burn the epidermal cells of the stratum basale migrate over the area. When the cells meet they stop and come together. The dead cells sluff off which means it scabs as new cells replace it. If the wound is deep than its called the migratory phase. A scab forms which is epidermal migration. The fibroblasts in the skin make new scar tissue while the damaged vessels grow into place. Once it is healed more tissue called granulation tissue becomes the new soar tissue in place of what is already there. The new growth starts to happen. Blood vessels continue to grow and once the final healing process is done than the epidermis is restored. The blood vessels are repaired to normal. The healing process of skin is a very systematic process. There are two interesting facts about skin. Since our skin is such a delicate thing on our body we can get burned easily. There are different stages of burns that we can get. The most critical burns are if our body is over 25% burned than that is called the second degree burn. Over 10% of the body has third degree burn. The third degree burns can be found on the face, hands or feet. The second facts is that every month our bodies have a new layer of skin. Those are the two interesting facts that were found to be most

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