Gingers Do Have Souls Analysis

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Jillian Ivie Professor Vonda Ford English 5-6 23 February 2015 Gingers: They’re Homosapiens Too. “Gingers have souls!” Michaell Kittrell declares in one of his many viewed youtube videos. His opposers view him as a crazy redheaded southern boy, however, he views himself as king of the world. with his thirty-four million views on his most popular video, “Gingers Do Have Souls!”, he claims that gingers are of an advanced species, and are excluded from the white race. Mr. Kittrell also claims that redheads are of their own race. He claims that those of red hair and fair skin are of different descent and contain an entirely different genetic order than other white people. This crazy piece of information, of course, is false. However, there are…show more content…
Why are we the way that we are? Why do we look the way we do? Why are blondes looked at as dumb and oblivious to everything around them? Why are redheads said to have no souls? The problem of the labeling system is that it requires the general public to look at a person and automatically have an idea of what that person is going to be like. With that, we are surprised when an individual fails to act the same way as we thought they would. Red-haired individuals with light skin are referred to as “gingers”. Gingers are perceived to be dark, heartless human beings with absolutely no sense of sympathy to the way that life is. Maybe a fraction of the actual red haired population (2-6% of the Northern Hemisphere) probably are self-loathing people. Statistically speaking, the reason for this is because of one’s personal personality, not the simple fact that he or she happens to have bright hair and white skin. Redheads are only 1 percent of the population. Thirteen percent of Ireland’s entire population consists of redheads. It’s possible that redheads could be perceived as an endangered species if you really think about it. If you’ve never been given the chance to spot a ginger on the street, make sure to stop by the countries of Ireland, Scotland, and England. These regions have the highest concentration…show more content…
We have souls. And we aren’t angry and sexual all the time,” Kyle Kelly quotes on a website contributing extensive facts on redheads. (Source 3 notecard 1) The stereotype that seems to stick to redheads is the very assumption that one does not have a soul. Of course this topic of conversation is moot scientifically, but it raises an interesting topic morally. Around the nation, children have been victims of bullying from all sorts of social stereotypes. This raises the question: Why do stereotypes exist, and why are is the severity so deep that it’s considered bullying? It’s pretty safe to say without any statistics or hard proof that the act of social stereotyping centers around most of the teenage population. Any normal human that ever went to a public high school with a functioning ability of perception will agree to this. “Blondes are dumb, fat is ugly, skinny is pretty,” all of these accusations are outrageously ridiculous. Though teasing redheads is “harmless”, it causes real and serious effects to all around the world. More facts on this crazy website stated that Ireland DOES NOT contain the most redheads. The so called root of all redheads, only makes up approximately ten percent of the world’s population. However, it does have the highest concentration of redheads in one place. Another interesting fact that is declared is that if a person with red hair and fair skin spends the day in the sun, their body is actually able to absorb and create more

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