Pablo Indians Conflict Research Paper

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“When two cultures meet anywhere on earth, there’s always been conflict”. I strongly believe that does hold true with the Spaniards and Pueblo Indians. But I don’t think this is always true, I do believe that when two cultures meet change is most definitely unavoidable but conflict doesn’t always arise. Conflict is definitely natural when dealing with two different groups of humans that share different ideas about religion, politics, and beliefs. It’s the way we handle the conflict that can lead to the situation escalading or depressing. When the Spaniards came to the Four Corners and tried to control and change the lives of the Pueblians, of course the Pueblo’s were not too fond of that, understandably. I don’t think there is a historian in America that would feel they should have just let the Spanish take over their land, food, and village. How the Spanish went about this was wrong and stupid; enslaving women, children and killing hundreds of Indians. They gave this whole region a terrible impression about Spaniards, they were ignorant and cruel in the way they went about handling the situation with the Indians.…show more content…
The Tiwa war fought from 1540-1541, Spanish led by Francisco Vásquez de Coronado against only a handful of Indians, this was very destructive in the relationship between the natives and the invaders. The first Spanish settlement was established in 1598; Pueblos were forced to give labor, and the biggest source of food (corn) they had to these settlers. The Spanish later set up camp along the Rio Grande, the most fertile farm land and the biggest source of water for the Pueblos. This is the perfect showing of one culture coming into another and disturbing the everyday life of the other, the Spanish were making the Indian’s life much

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