In Sickness And Moral Analysis

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In the film “In Sickness and Wealth” from Unnatural Causes the determinants of health are demonstrated at first hand experience, and this really helped me see how the determinants directly affect a population of people from the same city, but affect each person differently. What I have gotten from the film is that income and social class are the most powerful determinants of health and this was profound for me because it is something that people have control over but very little control when it comes to being able to change it. In the film, the concept of how social conditions can be more powerful than genes was discussed and this stuck with me. No matter who you are and where you come from, where you live and how you live your life is the most powerful factor when it comes to affecting your health.…show more content…
For an example, a child could be born into a poor family, who lives in the inner city of Rochester with fast food chains as the most convenient meal choice, unsafe streets because of drugs and gangs, and due to these living situations the child will live 9 years less than the child who is growing up next door to me. This is not because of the gang violence or drug exposure, but simply because of what is available to the poorer society and the lack of resources causes these less fortunate families greater amounts of stress. In the film they discussed how stress is everywhere, but the less dominate population will experience more stress which eventually will cause health problems such as heart disease and a weakened immune

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