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La Navidad is a time for family and friends. It is where people gather together to spend good quality family time and celebrate the birth of Jesus. La Navidad is mainly about celebrating the birth of Jesus. Usually people take about two weeks off to spend time with their family and close friends. In Mexico this holiday is celebrated from December 6th to the 12th. This holiday is celebrated all over the world. It is observed in New Mexico, Mexico, and Spain the most. There are many candles lit all over town when the majority of the people celebrate this holiday. Parents can get presents for their kids and many do during this time. Many people do not only celebrate this time by gathering with family but there are also nativity…show more content…
Usually also each holiday has its own decorations such as during Hanukkah, they play a game called dreidel. So even though this holiday seems to be very similar to other holidays, it is still unique in its own way. There are a quite a few of interesting facts about La Navidad. For example, one fact is that Christmas for Mexico begins at midnight during Christmas Eve. December 12th is probably the most active day during the entire time of the celebration of the birth of Jesus. A piñata wasn’t always there but was added to the celebration by missionaries to gain converts to the religion. The idea was that the piñata would have seven points of deadly sins on it but if you broke the piñata you would break the symbol of sin and receive a reward. Another interesting thing about this holiday is that they exchange gifts on January 6th as opposed to December 25th. During December 25th is when most people in America exchange gifts but this isn’t the case for this holiday. Finally, another interesting fact was that pastoral plays originally came from the medieval times that depicted stories from the bible. Summing things up, La Navidad is a holiday where people celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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