Importance Of Stereotype Formation

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The modern world is diverse and multicultural. Everyone has a set of personal qualities and characteristics, which is based on many factors including the origin, environment, education, etc. It is difficult to argue that a group affiliation of a person also plays an important role and contributes into this qualifications formation, creating both socially acceptable and unacceptable qualities and types of demeanor. The excessive generalizations on the issue of existence of a direct link between a membership in a social group and possessing several characteristics create social stereotypes. It is a commonly shared or widespread belief or preconception about the attributes that have to be possessed by a person due to membership in a social group or the properties inherent to the group itself.…show more content…
Antony Appiah describes this kind of preconceptions as “Statistical” and “False” stereotypes. In any way, the core element of a stereotype formation is a logical mistake everyone makes: we regard our assumptions, grounded by poor experience and rumors, heard from another people, as a final and pure knowledge, the truth of the last resort. The stereotypes could be socially neutral or harmful. Popular belief that Germans drink a lot of beer, while Italians prefer wine is rather a material for non-offensive jokes than a statement, creating any problems. A different matter is stereotypes, whereby some people become discriminated or mistreated. They may arise in connection with any identity aspects: race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality,

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