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Last June 28, 2013, Commission on Higher Education released a Memorandum Order No. 20, which states that Filipino subjects at tertiary levels will be removed. I am strongly opposed to the said memorandum. Our education should begin with the study of our language, including its culture and history. It is the task of the Filipino citizens to honor our language and to use it ethically, not to neglect it and be a chattel of the foreign tongues. It is necessary to continuously study our language, and not scrap it when students reached their college level. Our language plays a significant role in our daily lives, furthermore, we are using it to comprehend one another and it also symbolizes our unity. Therefore, Filipino subjects in tertiary levels should be retained.…show more content…
One of which is that the students in higher years should still study more about our language. The older we grow the greater possibility that we can fully appreciate the aim of the Filipinos: to spread it and be proud of our language and that it will be included in developing our motherland. Another is it will help us to encourage the Filipinos to maintain our mother tongue. Filipinos should strengthen our language, culture, and identity in order to give justice to those who nurtured our native language. It plays a vital role in fostering understanding between all citizens in the Philippines. According to de Dios (n.d.), the mother tongue is a significant phase of higher education not just a language, but also an integral part of one's identity. Lastly, it will promote a nationalistic education. Filipinos are aiming at producing graduates that have a profound sense of pride and this could be done if all of us have a common goal to be

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