Fantasy Literature Essay

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The suitability of fantasy literature in the foundation phase. 1. introduction Literature is creative writing and fantasy is fiction, make-believe and imaginary. In the past there were parents who did not appreciate fantasy literature. It is said that fantasy literature promote fear, delusions and unrealistic values. In the world where poverty and brutal crimes are experienced by adults as well as children, fantasy literature serves as an escape and also gives readers a sense of hope. Suitability of fantasy in the foundation phase, firstly it breaks the cycle of illiterate individuals, secondly improves cognitive thinking with regards to language development. Languages that are divided into sections and can become helpful in developing children.…show more content…
Children learn when they are interested in something, for learners to learn teachers need to find and search what children are interested in. Imagination and make-believe are what children love. They cannot wait for story time. According to Willenberg (2005:163) “in the light of historical poor quality of instruction offered in many schools serving non-white learners it is possible that many adults who have completed six or seven years of schooling are nevertheless functionally illiterate” .Fantasy literature helps in promoting the love of reading and storytelling, that love for books and good quality reading instruction reduce illiterate individuals. In charlotte’s web the animals are unfamiliar with some of the words and the words are explained by one of the characters Charlotte. This can motivate children to read and be smart like the animals in the book, in other words the animals serve as role models to children. Figurative language is popular in fantasy literature such as comics where by the writer creates a language that could be similar to other languages, for example Greek and so on. These figurative language have names to name a few Klington and Quenya, these languages also follow a set of rules and structures namely vowels, consonants, nouns, verbs, possessions and syntactical functions. Learners get a chance to learn important language rules, functions and structures. The cycle of illiterate individuals can be broken if all genres of literature can be
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