Importance Of Madrasa Education

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Lack of an alternate system of education The existence of madrasas and their growth after independence is generally attributed to a lack of government schools in the vicinity, a situation that could be termed as ‘supply side failure’. As mentioned in table 4.11 principals (45.45%) reported that Muslim access Madrasa education because the educational infrastructure of the state, like Bihar, is in shambles. Absent teachers and poor infrastructural facilities keep Muslim families away from sending their children to such schools. Moreover, Madrasas are generally located in the area of high concentration of Muslim population and the children do not have many options to choose from due to the non-availability of other schools in close vicinity.…show more content…
The Madrasas in India remained religion centric. Subjects related to Islam dominated its curriculum in India ever since its origin. Madrasa represent the Muslim proletariat, for whom religion is the shortest and surest road to salvation; hence Madrasas are the means. As an analyst aptly puts it, “the unemployed and underemployed men of Islam produced by these Madrasas were by and large forced to become self proclaimed holy warriors of their faith”. Bereft of growth opportunities, that so called ‘jehadis’ or holy warriors are a product of circumstances rather than choice. Islam centric teaching of Madrasas is not compatible with the contemporary job market. Lack of job opportunities plunges then into economic stagnation. Frustrated, many youth take up cudgels against the state and the society in the name of jehad. Further, 90.9% students go to Madrasas because their parents want to become an Iman or a…show more content…
The Ministry of education data indicate that only 8% of Madrasa teachers are trained compared to 87%of state secondary school teachers. Currently, teacher training is not prioritized in Madrasas. The study also reveals that the most of the Madrasa teachers are untrained and there is no provision of proper training either pre-service or in-service. Therefore, Madrasa teachers are unaware of the modern techniques of teaching. During the field visit, it was found that teacher from un-aided Madrasas are mostly absent from school and in most of the cases come only to sign the attendance register and take their

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