Persuasive Essay On Driverless Cars

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I do not think driverless cars should be n the road for many reasons. Some of them being hacking,terrorism,even less things a person has to do and when we do take back the wheel will we know what to do? My first reason hacking is a very realistic reason the CIA warns that a person may be able to hack and take complete control of your car driving it off a bridge or into another car causing a pile up that will seriously hurt or even kill you. I am free from doubt most of you don't want to die from you hundred thousand dollar car right? Moving on to my next point. Terrorism very scary right. Nobody wants some isis member using driverless car to put a bomb on or run into a building. And whose to say that you can't set the destination any where like maybe on a airplane runway that would be atrocious if that happens. FBI stated that this is a very likely reason why most driverless cars wont be on the road the companies still have to "work out the kinks" but still then bad things can happen. One more reason is a computer malfunction…show more content…
Some criminals are telling their friends to cover their getaway cars in a reflective surface so they can't get caught by a cop in a driverless car. Some people may say "what about after a long day at work and i'm tried what if into get into an accident". What i say to that is what happens when you fall asleep and something happens where you could have avoided it by taking control but you were asleep. You don't because you couldn't have because you are

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