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Praised with the name ”Pearl of the Orient”, the Hong Kong night view provides a world-renowned scene. Fluoresced billboards light up the sky every time as evening approaches. Moreover, the ‘Symphony of Lights’, a show that features a number of fireworks, laser lights and sounds, is showcased every night over the Victoria Harbour. However, such extravagance has resulted in Hong Kong becoming ‘worst on the planet’ in terms of light pollution(Cheung, 2013). Though light pollution has been underrated comparing to other pollution such as solid waste and air pollution, it is by no means not a pressing issue. Light pollution is indeed a problematic controversy in Hong Kong, though we are not alone. Paris is still the city of lights. (The Guardian, 2014)Skyscrapers on Hong Kong Island sparkle in the night sky, where office workers work round-the-clock to accommodate clients from different time zones. These lights would continue to be lighted on well until the next morning, and there is no wonder why Hong Kong’s night view became one of the best in the world. Apart from office blocks, as a shopping paradise, all sorts of advertisements are hung everywhere, from the walls of fancy shopping malls in Tsim Sha Tsui to narrow, crowded streets in Mongkok. According to International Astronomical Union, the light intensity in Hong Kong is…show more content…
Such light could result in a number of illnesses in humans, including migraine headache, fatigue, irritability etc.(Solve Your Problem, 2009) If the government continues the current policy that does not require companies to regulate the intensity of light emitted, Hong Kong citizens’ health would undoubtedly be deteriorated. Therefore, as companies would choose economic growth rather than the health of citizens’, stricter rules should be implemented to ensure the health conditions of

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