Importance Of International Accounting Standards

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Introduction: Is a set of accounting standards and interpretations issued by the International Accounting Standards Board These standards aim to develop operations and calculations where the standards become more quality and effectiveness and be understood and participants have the ability to apply them in the global capital market, Depends are so many countries in the world standards and some other countries abandoned uncle statehood and international standards adopted. And due to the importance of standards in the modern era. IFRS-1: #First_time_Adoption_of _International_Financial_Reporting_Standards Provide the first set of financial statements, an unqualified statement about the work of international standards for the preparation…show more content…
This standard does not allow any exemption from the requirements of presentation and disclosure started in international standards for the preparation of reports. ………………………………………………………………………………….. Example : Oil and gas assets of the full cost The retroactive application of international standards for financial reporting for small and medium-sized enterprises with regard to oil and gas assets is not required. The amount recorded under accounting principles generally accepted ancient = "estimated cost" #IFRS-3 Business Combinations : Transaction or other event in which controlled the procuring entity to one or more business enterprises are transactions sometimes referred to as the integration of an actual or merge two facilities are also equal in the business combination. It’s calculated by the acquisition of the business by using the method of acquisition. The account of the converter within a business combination are measured at fair value, which is calculated as the sum of the fair values at the acquisition date transferred assets by the Group, unrealized liabilities by the Group to the former owners of the acquiree and the equity issued by the Group in exchange for control of the acquiree. The recognition of the related costs are generally acquired in profit or loss when…show more content…
Are selected based on measurement on the basis of each transaction separately. The types of property rights and other non-controlling interests are measured at fair value or, where applicable, in accordance with the basis set out in the latest international standard for financial reports. When the adapter includes a wildcard by the Group within the business assets resulting from a merger or arrangement rather than an emergency liabilities, it is measured at fair value allowance account at the acquisition date and are included as part of the allowance converter within a business

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