Importance Of Freedom Of Speech

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If the people hasn't got freedom of speech, can we talk about freedom ? I choose freedom of speech as an issue, it is important for me because if someone lives, it means that they have ideas so they should talk about them, say "This is my idea !'". Freedom of speech comes with other right such as freedom of the press with these rights, people can say what they like what they don't in their society, government, social life... Because being a person is "saying your truth" for me. It can be right or not we can discuss, we can find our truths ourselves with discussing,speaking with our words and we can share them with other people in social media, a newspaper, talking with journalist so we can spread our ideas, make changes in our lives if we don't have freedom of speech, it means that we cannot speak at all about what we believe, what the truth is. I choose this issue because in Turkey which is my country, number of the…show more content…
The government wanted to cut down trees in Taksim Gezi Park on May 27 2013, they wanted cutting them down and building a shopping mall. Most of the people didn't want it, they didn't want a mall, they choose the trees so they camped in the park but the policemen came and used plenty of pepper sprays so the people didn't leave the area and protests began during the protests occurring, the turkish channels were telecasting documentaries or tv series but in the same time, the people were dying because of the protests but later same journalist were in the protests too, they shared pictures, videos in the social media so the turkish people could see what it's happening in Turkey. People started to share so many pictures, videos about the policemen's violence, and the government realize the power of the social media so they shut down Twitter, they tried take people's right and they did but the protest didn't end, so many young people and policemen
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