The Importance Of Civil Rights In America

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Civil Rights, are the rights that are essentially given to you by your government, concerning political and social freedoms as well as equality. Civil rights have been an issue since the 1700’s when the first Constitution was ratified. Now that America is a largely immigrated country, the obstruction of immigrant rights and representation has become a controversial debate. The civil rights of immigrants in America have been long disputed throughout history. While there are many suggested solutions to this issue, one is to install a cabinet of court representatives to ensure all immigrant cases are carried out constitutionally, or secondly, to create a government-funded Union of people who publicly fight for the representation and rights of immigrants.…show more content…
Faye Hipsman of Migration Policy. org stated, “As a result immigration policy has often been increasingly disconnected from the economic and social forces that drive immigration. When charges have been made they generally take years to legislate.” This quote displays one of the controversies of making legislative changes to the law. It takes years and by then there are new concerns growing, in our fast-moving society. Also, “ When the government has the power to deny the legal rights and due process of vulnerable group, everyone's rights are at stake,” as stated by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The aforementioned quote represents yet another controversy presented when trying to rectify legislature. Once you change something for one group in the government, you have to ensure that it does not affect the rights of another group. The statistics of immigrant misrepresentation rate as the following: 83% of people deported were not given a hearing or trial, and of that, 42% were lawful and
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