Importance Of Conservation Of Biodiversity

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According to Malhotra, N. biodiversity is a fragile thing, vulnerable to all threats that might happen. Even though biodiversity supports and provides all things that all the life on earth needed, we cannot control those problems that might happen in just a snap. Right now biodiversity was facing a huge problem and threats and those threats are comes from many sources some sources is from us, humans and some are natural. And based on Malhotra N. the real problem that we are facing was the conservation of biodiversity. Yes everyone agrees in conserving natural resources or our biodiversity was a good idea. Many group, such as government agencies to agro business every one is a concerned individuals and has their own ideas about conserving biodiversity,…show more content…
and Chivian, E. (2002), COHAB Initiative Secretariat 2010 believed that biodiversity is important to human health. They believed that health is our most basic human right, because being well, healthy, being free from illness and also having the capability to look after our health that our family and community needed is a very important factor in our life. Health is also the most important indicator of sustainable development. They also believe that the biological diversity is the function of the human health, because biodiversity provided us a secured life-sustaining goods and services and because of sustainable and conservation use of biodiversity it can provides us significant benefits in our health. But, because of the continuing loss of biodiversity on a global scale it only means that there are a big threat in our health and well-being. And without those global environments that is healthy and capable of giving and supporting diversity life, for sure no one can live here in the world, no human population can…show more content…
Genetic diversity is refers to the variety of genes within a species. In food system, genetic diversity provides the foundation of crop development, and food security. It can also promote resistance and resilience to environmental stress including diseases and pest of crops and livestock. Biodiversity can lead to important developments in human medicine because of the studies of physiology, biochemistry, and wildlife anatomy. There are example of species of interest to medical science it includes bears (for cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, insights into osteoporosis and renal disease), horse-shoe crabs (molecular cell biology, and ophthalmology), sharks (immunology and osmoregulation), and cetaceans (treatments for divers that is suffering from decompression sickness and respiration). Biodiversity can help in traditional and modern medicine in terms of biodiversity can utilize wild animals and plants, particularly for indigenous and local communities. Most of the modern drugs came from wild species like Exanitide from Heloderma lizards (treatment for diabetes) Taxol from Taxus trees and Hycamtin from Camptotheca trees (anti-cancer drug) Zinconitide from cone snail toxin (inter alia pain killers) and Lanoxin from Digitalis plants (cardiac drugs). Many other species are potentially important species are yet

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