Force Field Analysis Model

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on of the systems and web applications within an organizations and the study that seeks to provide a quantification of human factors. This is majorly in areas whereby Jensen (2012) explains that countermeasures and other related control actions on security, effectiveness of security policies implemented and chances of new and emerging risks need to be explored. The selection of the force field analysis model was based on its wide use in various organizations in the modern times. In any case, the technique was invented in 1947 by Kurt Lewin who sought to assess the impact of all essentials and forces that seek to influence modification as shown in the figure 1 below. Figure 1: Force Field Model As shown in the diagram, within the FFA model,…show more content…
The use of this model according to Koskosas, Kakoulidis, and Siomos (2011) create the relationship between the aims with the risk aspects that hinder these objectives. Then, in assessing the risks, the suitable actions are selected in efforts moderate the risks so that the project can achieve its objectives. The goals defined by the model are the objectives, purposes, and prospects of a specific system framework and its surrounding setting that satisfy the overall project success. From the model, the risks describe the challenges whose consequences result in creation of numerous circumstances that are undesirable and could obstruct the aims and certainly condense the probability of the project…show more content…
In the middle, the risk factors that might block directly or indirectly the objectives of the system are listed. Lastly, the treatment and the control actions that control the performance of the risks and seek to mitigate the problems are represented and the consequences they have on implementation. In using this proposed model, Besnar and Arief (2004) attempted to analyze human factor in manners that ensure that an effective information and web-based system is developed. In any case, the combination of the force field analysis model and the goal-driven risk management technique worked to support actions that curb and model the aspect of human factors. The basic purpose is to ensure that the system defines the ideal situation for an organization bearing in mind human concerns for overall web-based system

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