Importance Of Clean Water In Mexico

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NEED FOR CLEAR CLEAN WATER IN MEXICO FIRST SECTION: EXCECUTIVE SUMMARY Sweet waters will be the name of the water services of the business. It will be dealing with the supply of clear and clean water in Mexico City. The proposed business plan is under the health and water supply industry which is a slowly developing industry in the region, Mexico in a highly- populated country / city with a large metropolitan area which mostly depends on aquifer for almost 90% of its drinking water supply, this raise a lot of concern (Larsen & Gujer (2007). Because of Mexico city’s modern metropolitan state and highly dense population large levels of negligent / hazardous waste can build up from different sources such a commercial activates, domestic / local…show more content…
The plan will manly focus on the transition zone because of the combination of natural resources and the rapid urban growth and the increase in the number of water supply wells pumping water from this area .all this is caused by notwithstanding the provisions of the law and regulation under the 1988 General law of Ecological Balance (Postel, (2000). The actual practice of hazardous waste management is seriously compromised by the lack facilities for recycling of specific types of wastes. I observed that no disposal sites in the basin of Mexico are authorized to receive hazardous materials, the plan will also solve these first by introducing disposal sites in the basin to dump waste. CLEAR CLEAN WATER SOLUTIONS IN MEXICO 5 Mission statement The mission of the proposed project is to provide quality and safe water for a better living. The water problem is main problem in Mexico. Clear clean water project aim at ensuring that Mexico is supplied with clean water which is connected in every part of the area. Sweet waters will improve health and sanitation of the people living in Mexico City by providing clean clear waters which are health friendly. The proposed business will be the first in the area to provide clean and clear water with highly expertise testing and certifications. CLEAR CLEAN WATER SOLUTIONS IN MEXICO 6 THIRD SECTION: MARKET ANALYSIS SWOT ANALYSIS

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