Immigrants In America

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People in America didn’t like to pay taxes back in 1776. Americans were tired of paying taxes, they wanted to be free. Freedom and independence was a huge deal of American history. Americans were brave, they did the right thing by taking down the British. If they didn’t do that who knows what America would be like today. The queen of England would be in charge of us, we would probably all have British accent. Obama wouldn’t be our president, we wouldn’t even know who he is. There would be no football, we would all have to watch boring soccer (which would be called football). We would have to drink tea, tea is nasty. Colonists did the right thing by leaving England. If the colonists didn’t do that people would be drinking tea right now. The colonists did the right thing by leaving the British because if they didn’t Americans might be slaves for the British.…show more content…
Even though the British helped us kick out the the French, the economy wasn’t doing good. The Stamp Act was a tax that the British used to pay off the debt from the French and Indian war. This act was stupid the colonists had to get a stamp on a piece of paper. We would be more wealthier if we leave the British because we would have to pay less taxes. Another tax was the Navigation Act, which is what the british did to help decrease the trade. The Proclamation of 1763 was when the colonists were killing the natives, so they can get more

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