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What is courage? Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one. Without courage you would cower over everything. Courage is the key to education, with courage you have the strength to learn. Malala had the courage to go to school and learn even though the Taliban were bombing schools around hers, and she knew her school could be next. Always stand up for what you believe. Malala stood up for what she believed in and she changed the world. Do not be fearful, be brave. Cowering over someone or something because they supposedly are more powerful than you, shows that you are weak. Be courageous and fight against the source that…show more content…
Malala was extremely courageous in everything she did. She was heroic and bold when she stood up to the Taliban for girls education rights. Malala was courageous when she got shot. Her fearless heart kept fighting to live even though her body was screaming to die. Her courage saved her from death. Malala wanted to live and see the Taliban suffer, so she did. Never back down from a belief you have. People can pressure you into thinking your opinion is wrong or impossible, but do not listen to them. If you put your mind to anything, it will happen. Stand up and push down the barricades that are in your way. Take action in your belief. If you do not, nothing will change. Take charge of the reigns. You never know, maybe one day what you hope to see in the world, will come

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