Immigrants In America

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(intro)This country was founded on the principles of immigration unless you are a Native American right? We all have a immigrate background America is a rich country of ethnicity and a true melting pot why? America has often been referred to as the land of opportunity Ronald Reagan truly one of the greatest american presidents often talked about America being ‘’A city on a shining hill’’. Does this mean we are a better country then the rest of the world or this a statement of intent? If you go back and look about what he is saying it means we were simply looking for purpose making america the place to be oppertunity is everywhere. Sadly this american dream has started dissapering due to the fact that other cultures coming in…show more content…
This fear has a lot to do with the horrific morning of September, 11 2001 Terrorist high jacked a plane and took america by serprise leaving us scared and frustrated. There are “8 million illegal aliens’’that are residents on U.S soil another million enter every year. The larger numbers of aliens are placing America in a precarious situation. Are terrest setting up another plan to ruin america? (2007 (court)The pressure is on the court system that are flooded at record numbers of ‘’unaccompanied minors’’altman from the Hondurn reguee escainy violence and Southwestern immigrants looking for a better way of life for their children. If these unaccampunied youth are able to go are able to go overcome the language barrier with lawyer they have a 1 in 10 chance of staying according to the syracuse analysis. (altman 2015) (driver licenses) Illegals are able to gain a drivers licenses does not make common sense and it shows little respect to immigration laws did America not learn anything from 9-11 the high jackers were issued driver licenses, Language barriers honor them from being able to interate highway information signs, The low wages that illegal alliens earn inhabate…show more content…
handle) There is a strong misconception the undocumented immigrated are hot taxspayers they do pay however, they take to the recieved earned tax encore unlawful immigrants are not able to get ‘’welfare, social security or medicare ‘’they do ‘’recieve goverment benfits and services’’ and their children recieve ‘’sabsidized public educcation’’ at a sizable cost to your tax dolloars. If unlawful immigrants give birth in the United States their children recieve full benefits of the goverment. The undocument illegal alliens enjoy and help piece the wear and team on your highway system unsearch of our sewage systems. And enjoy the protection of our fire, police and recourse services. The varous number of undocument illegal allien is creations a burden on the taxpayers to enlarge

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