Tone And Figurative Language In The Knight's Tale

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The best tale out of all of the Canterbury tales was the knight’s tale who shall thus be rewarded with a pot of gold. The Knight is receiving this award for his mastery of characterization, conveying a multitude of universal themes, and creating mood with the use of tone and figurative language. The Knight successfully tied together all of the elements of a fiction story to deliver a compelling tale.. One of his most successful feats was his character development skills. For instance, the protagonist, antagonist, damsel in distress and conflict are identified early on in the story. “The young men were called Palamon and Arcite…Palamon was furious when Arcite confessed that he had also fallen in love with the lady in the garden.”.” From there,…show more content…
Because Arcite goes to Mars requesting to win the war, we can assume that he is competitive. Since Palamon goes to Venus requesting to be with Emily, we can infer that he is the one who loves Emily the most. Emily, who requests peace and friendship from Diana, is characterized as a pacifist. Additionally, Arcite shows character development when he says, “…I have fought with my cousin Palamon for too long.” On his deathbed Arcite makes up with Palamon rather than retaining his anger at him for loving Emily. He even goes as far as to give Palamon his blessing to marry Emily. Palamon also displays character development when he mourns the death of his cousin rather than rejoicing that he can finally have Emily. That character arcs of these two characters pulls the story to a nice end. Similarly, the multiple themes conveyed by this tale makes for a satisfying end. Some might say that theme was be careful what you wish for. Others might conclude that the moral of the story was the love conquers all. With each reader, a different theme may appear. Like any great story, the knight’s tale appeals to readers of different

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