Case Study: Liberty Resources Home Choices

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SC spoke with Pa on 09/30/2015 and completed monitoring phone call. As of 09/24/2015 Pa does not have Pa a PAS worker. Pa stated and as previously noted by SC Pa’s former aide worker was let go from Agency Model PAS Liberty Resources Home Choices because PAS was charge and prosecuted for a felony in recent years. SC informed Pa that PCA contact at agency did not returned SC call (regarding a waiver policy if Pa’s wants to have an aide status with record). SC suggested that Pa accepts agency aide to avoid interruption in service while he continues to find his own worker. Pa agrees and stated he does not want to look for any anymore and he prefers to use agency Model and aide for PAS. SC end call with Pa and placed call to Liberty Resources Home Choices.…show more content…
3x7 9am-12pm daily provide hands on assistance and supervision with bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, light home support and meal prep. Stated that I need to speak with PCA contact person at Liberty Resources Home Choices; SC was transferred to PCA contact VM and SC left a detail message with contact information. Until SC speaks with Shoshanna Pa service are placed on hold. SC placed call to Pa and informed him of the status of his service and next steps (Pa will choose different provider SC don’t hear back from agency during the week of 10/5/2015). SC continued on to finish monitoring phone call. SC asked Pa for any medical updates and he reported no falls, hospitalization, changes in health status or medications. However, he stated that he’s experiencing numbness in his feet and toes; and difficulty breathing at night. SC asked Pa if he needs help scheduling an apt to see his

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