Condominium Management Case Study

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The nature of business is private software development. It serves products about information system for condominium management. It focuses on development of system as generic software that suitable for every organization manages condominium and also providing advance managing functions for the condominium operation in the system. It aiming to offers a various features management system which compatible to most of the condominium management. Most of the current condominium management system is built for general tasks of condominium management. It was fixed for the feature after released. However, it may not match to the condominium management if they need managing different task other than the system provided in the feature. It is because…show more content…
There are few types of condominium management system available in the market. One of the types is condominium unit management system. It only provide feature that is managing the unit of the condominium but have not provide the maintenance fees and utilities fees in the management feature. Another one of those is condominium management system but not including the general cleaning feature. The existing condominium management system is specific designed for the management but not for other management use because they are not compatible. It fixed the feature that user cannot add-on feature under the module. And it is not user friendly that user has to learn and practice many time to familiar the system. For existing system in the market, users always perform their managing tasks separately for different kind of task. They keep all the unit owners’ information in their management system but they generate the bill for utility fees with another accounting system. It may require extra staff that responsible on accounting. They are not even record the unit occupants’ information for those who rent the unit. Therefore, they can’t notice who the genuine occupants is. It is a vulnerability of security and the safety risk to condominium residents. Users always operate the condominium general cleaning maintenance through other system or software such as…show more content…
The purposed system allow user to maintain the owners and occupants’ information. Therefore, security staff can notice whether the genuine owner and occupant through the system. It enhances the condominium security and residents personal safety in the condominium area. It also allow user to produce the bill and receipt within the system. In addition, the purposed system provides a proper general cleaning feature in the system for ease of condominium cleaning

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