Igbo Religion Analysis

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JAWAD MUBEEN N.L KONEY AFRICAN PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHT ASSIGNMENT ONE “According to the text by Chinua Achebe, most Igbos are not inclined to ‘constructing a rigid and closely argues system of thought to explain the universe and the place of man in it, preferring the metaphor of myth and poetry, anyone seeking an insight into the world must seek it along their own way’. Looking into this, how accurate could the Igbo creation narrative be in the study in ontology since narratives come from different people and ideologies?” When I was younger, I always asked my grandmother how she knew the seasons of the various foodstuff she bought from the local market. My Grandmother never had any sort of formal education and thus was illiterate. How were the local farmers and herself able to predict the seasons for the foodstuff? It amazed and actually it still does. I was young and rather ignorant and naïve. When I grew a…show more content…
They understood most of the scenarios they encountered and found various ways of explaining them to their descendants, whether in a well-structured way or not. They had a good way of explaining their observations. How did they do this? Even though our ancestors did not document any of their observation on paper, they found an ingenious way to cleverly pass on their knowledge; oral traditions. They passed on their ideas and beliefs to their descendants orally and this made documentation difficult. Did the ancient African people know anything about ontology? What was ontology to the ancient Igbo people? Ontology is the study of the world and the forces which exist within it. African metaphysics studied the relationship between the seen and the unseen and the effects they have on the culture of people. The Igbo people had various beliefs which mainly came from observations but they did not structure all these “observational beliefs” into a religion. Igbo was the religion of the Igbo people. The culture was the religion of the

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