I M Trouble Theme

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I chose the song “Trouble” by Pink for the exposition of the story because it represents how Cole is a troublemaker. The lyrics “I’m trouble” describe how Cole is trouble - he stole and fought. “Already he had seen the inside of a dozen police stations, been through as many counselors, a psychologist, several detention centers, and two residential treatment centers. Each time he got into trouble, he was warned to shape up because this was his last chance” (Mikaelsen 6). The lyrics “I disturb my town” represent Cole. He disturbs his town. When Cole hurt Peter, he disturbed the town. “‘Tonight we gather because our community has been hurt” (Mikaelsen 37). “‘This is the first real opportunity I’ve had to help change the violence in our city” (Mikaelsen 39).…show more content…
The lyrics “Gonna let it burn burn burn burn” represent how Cole let she shelter burn down. “Inch by inch the billowing flames devoured the supplies and the shelter. [...] the searing flames surged and rolled higher along the sides of the shelter [...] the flames engulfed the wooden hut and licked up into open air [...] The flames of the burning shelter rumbled like a freight train and sucked at the air. Thick smoke poured from the doorway and boiled upward from the blaze. [...] the flames began to subside” (Mikaelsen 30). I chose the song “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz for the plot event of Cole trying to escape because it showed that Cole really wanted to escape. He wanted to get away and he was really determined if he wanted to “make it before he froze to death” (Mikaelsen 34). The lyrics “I want to get away, I want to fly away” represented Cole wanting to get, or fly, away. “Once clear of the bay, Cole swam even harder” (Mikaelsen
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