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Have you ever read something that describes in so much detail it's so vivid to the mind. Robert Cormier writing style leaves an imprint of his thoughts for the reader to interpret. In many of his novels, Robert Cormier allows us to feel as though he is speaking to us directly. Short sentences and simple vocabulary are characteristic features that Robert Cormier uses to create such work that gives him his name and reputation. Corimers success as a writer can be gauged by the number of awards he has garnered over the length of his career, both as a newspaperman and as a writer for young people. Reading four of Robert Cormier's novels, a reader can conclude that Robert Cormier makes you feel as if he is talking to you directly. Many of his novels, there is a same theme. It is has to do with…show more content…
That's what makes his novels to deep down, and iunipie. If every author wrote the same, it would not become entertaining for the reader, nor the author. SInce the Robert Cormier writes the way he is, it feels as if it were right in front of us. His realism is what makes the book the book. Corimeris novels are not didactic, his protagonists face their situations without benefits of authorial moralizing. Yet his hero's often leave readers with a real sense of courage: Young people, in the face of almost overwhelming odds, somehow manage to persevere out of their desperate lives. In our culture in which young people are looked at as “soft”, Cormier is an inspiring model. Even though a majority of his books do involve violence and despair, there are parts in his writing where he adds faith and some bit of peace. In the book Chocolate wars, Emile in quote “ You could take a kid’s lunch money and nothing usually happened because most kids wanted peace at any price” This ties in the theme manipulation for that is a well known theme Roberts style is

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