The Importance Of Faith In The Alchemist

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Our lives revolve around many things that we claim as success, economic status, entertainment, though fate might give others a head start, but the rest of your path hinges on your decision in making an effort to strive for your goal. No matter minor or major, it is all the decisions makes up the current situation we are in right now, which may range from living on the streets to being a secret agent. For many major decisions, one has to put faith in conditions where they face the unknown. It is inevitable, that despite how detailed your plans are, there's always a chance where something might go wrong. In spite of the fact that we may be really cogent and technologically advanced, certain factors are simply out of our range of control. In the Alchemist, a novel written by Paulo Coelho, faith plays a significant role in Santiago’s quest to fulfill his personal…show more content…
The journey put my mental toughness to the test, it required me to be patient due to the demanding and tedious schoolwork teachers force on us that seemed to last forever. God’s strength gave me the ability to study like never before, and slowly my percentages steadily increased. One time I nearly failed on one of my source analyses, I felt like dropping to my knees and staying there forever because it seemed as though the previous constant effort had been wasted. I was going to continue in that miserable state, when my faith caused me to intuitively realize God had ultimately prepared a path for me, and this was only a mere obstacle that was necessary along the way. At the end of the school year during the award ceremonies, I looked up and saw my name along with the students who have achieved the honours degree, which is having an average of 80% or above. What once had seemed impossible to achieve was held in my hand, and I couldn’t have done it without my faith in

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