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In the small town of Rowlesburg, West Virginia, Jimmy Cannon takes us on an adventure of 7 different Halloweens. The story starts in 1943 and continues to grow more adventurous as time goes by and Jimmy gets older. All Hallows’ eve was always Jimmy`s favorite time of year. The book takes us on a winding road of ups and downs on all hallows eve including his father`s birthday, the county football championship, and even his father`s death. I really found this book unique because it takes place right here in Preston County. Even though it is a fiction book, it seems so realistic because the surroundings are real. I almost feel like I`m right there in all the events that occurred on All Hallows’ Eve. Growing up, Jimmy had always dreamed of working…show more content…
In the very first tale of All Hallows’ Eve, Jimmy is awaken in the middle of the night to see that The Society is meeting. It made me want to flip the pages vigorously until I found out what The Society was. Jimmy had heard of The Society before, not knowing what it truly was. However, towards the end of When the Whistle Blows, It explains what The Society was and the effect it had on Jimmy. Uncle Dick was Jimmy`s favorite uncle. He taught Jimmy how to fish and hunt, and promised Jimmy he would take him out on the first day of hunting season. But Uncle Dick passed away right before hunting season, leaving Jimmy distraught. A new principal tried to change things up in Rowlesburg, which left the townspeople appalled. Jimmy said, “Everyone in all of Rowlesburg is ready to run him out of town on a rail”. This led to amusing shenanigans involving Jimmy`s father and railroad ties. Ajax, Mulepile, and Neil were some of Jimmy`s best friends. They have very entertaining personalities and were always getting themselves into trouble. They aren’t the cleverest boys in Rowlesburg but they sure do know how to have a virtuous time. Neil even stood up for Jimmy at the county football championship when Jimmy was hurt intentionally, and he beat the guy up who did it to him. Resulting in the first Rowlesburg football championship

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