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Maya Angelou born Marquerite Ann Johnson lived her life with a boldness many wish they can achieve. One could say Dr. Angelou was well advance for her time. Dr. Angelou is a survivor of rape, sexism, and racism, but there was no stopping her. She discovered a outlet and she used it to move forward. It is in Dr. Angelou’s struggles you can find her worldview on the nature of God, social issues and sexuality. Dr. Angelou on the true nature of God is exhibited in her poetry, entitled I am a Christian. She broadly confesses she is a child of God and it is God who has brought her out of her Egypt (troubled times), it is God lives within her heart and soul. In an interview Dr. Angelou was asked: So how what has inspired you over the course of…show more content…
Angelou worked with Malcolm X during the civil rights movement with an organization call; Organization of African American Century, the primary goal of the organization was to launch economic independence and to reconnect African American with their heritage (B. Perry, 2011). After the death of Malcolm X this organization was dismantled and Dr. Angelou began her works with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. until his death. Dr. Angelou continued her work as a civil rights active, she continued to break social and racial boundaries, and this is how she became a powerful leader in the civil rights movement (E. Horton,…show more content…
Angelou as a role model: 1) because of her Holy Boldness, not only does she talk about God and how God delivered her she personifies who God is in her life and 2) Dr. Angelou has never been afraid of moving forward and going after what she wanted, she never says I can’t, she just does. In her darkest hours Dr. Angelou learned how to overcome the things that would bound most people. Dr. Angelou has been through the fire and she came out gold. Dr. Angelou picks up a pen and wrote about her life experience about her love for God, her fight for social injustice, and her sexual experience. References (2011). The Life Of A Black Man Who Changed Black America. Retrieved from (2013). Maya Angelou Discusses Her Faith, Politics, Courage. Retrieved from (2014, ). . , (), . from (2014). Ignoring Maya Angelou’s Past As A Sex Worker Simplifies Her Legacy. Retrieved 2014, from (2014). Maya Angelou. Retrieved from

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