Primary School Teacher Case Study

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Mr. Kanamori is a 4th grade primary school teacher in Kanazawa. Japan. This person is amazing. He teaches children not only how to math, read or write, he also gives them lessons about happy life. He understands it’s necessary to live a full life with all various features and therefore he teaches children how to live a happy life and care for other people. There is a tradition in Mr. Kinamori’s class. Every day in a homeroom 3 students read aloud the letters they have written. ‘Notebook letters’. Such practice is useful and due to it we can find out what 10-year-old students think about: happiness, irritation, determination, gratitude. Once the boy came in 4 days after his grandma death and everything in his notebook was about it. His classmates had no idea what happened and why their friend missed lessons. And now they found out and felt his pain and sadness. This note helped others to share feelings about their losses. Children didn’t want to talk deaths of relatives in front of others. They were scared and therefore decided to keep their feeling down. But this boy…show more content…
Kanamori thinks it’s necessary to get rid of them as soon and as cold as possible. They are laughing at others test scores and make up stories about them. It is disgusting. Mr. Kanamori tried to find out who was bulling. He didn’t find these people and had a little speech to convince children admit they are guilty. This situation was a few days long and various pieces of truth started creeping out. Students wrote about wrong things in their home letters and then read it out loud in the class. Then the conversation continued during lunch time. One girl admitted her fault and told a story from her daycare where she was picked on. This was the reason she did it now – she was scared to be bullied once again. Her tears showed her words were sincere and she realized her mistake. The lesson is that we’re all vulnerable, we must admit it and go

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