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Entry#1: Introduction [August 11 2014] Lock and Key, a Sarah Dessen´s novel was first published in 2008 by Viking, a member of Penguin Group (USA) Inc. This novel interprets the adolescent world of Ruby Cooper. A world which at first seems to be the definition of perfection but ends up leading to an unknown world she is just about to discover throughout this journey. Sarah Dessen´s novels portray feature engaging heroines that usually take place in modern times, allowing us as readers to have a true commitment along the novel, being truly fascinated. Therefore, I chose to read these particular novel, lock and key. This novel allows the readers to have a wide interpretation throughout diverse literate devices such as what we know as symbolism. Having this in consideration, I believe this novel has an appropriate reading level since it…show more content…
For many years, not only ruby but Cora were neglected by their own mother, dealing with her several issues preferring to drown her sorrows into alcohol instead of facing them and taking care of her children. Once Cora reached time to head off to college, ruby’s mother became even more dependent on her as well of other substances, leading towards a worst situation where there was no money to pay the bills, making the house hold a scary place to live. McBride´s character mainly shows the physical aspect of child abuse, these lyrics not only describe about a young girl being abused by her mother but also the mental consequences of being neglected. Nate reaches out to her and saves her from all the pain. However, ruby was not the only one with a troubled past, throughout the course of the novel these two characters developed a deep connection due to their similar horrid pasts and managed to get over it together. Although, like the song said, she will turn out being the hero of her own

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