Hydraulic Fracturing

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According to the article “What Goes In and Out of Hydraulic Fracturing” Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing is a process used to release natural gas by fracturing shale rocks through the process of putting chemicals in fluid form into the Earth at high pressure. Hundreds of chemicals are used in this fluid and many of them are toxic. This fluid also contains many known carcinogens. Most of the fluid that is put into the earth, doesn’t come back out and it isn’t biodegradable. All of this toxic waste just stays in the earth and can leak into waterways. Ingesting this water has lead to many health and safety issues. As humans, natural gas is something that is used all the time in daily life, for cooking, heating, and most electricity. With the world…show more content…
Methane is also “34 times stronger than carbon dioxide”( Green Fracking? 5 Technologies for Cleaner Shale Energy). Methane leaks into the atmosphere out of the wells that have been drilled to get the natural gas. If companies plug them and put a camera on site to watch out for leaks, they can cut down on the number of pollutants that are being released into the air we all breathe as well as save money because they will be able to gather more of the gas to sell. This would really be cost accost effective step for companies to look into doing and would also help to save the…show more content…
This water is then taken out of the wells that have been drilled, but as stated earlier many of the chemicals stay in the earth and the chemicals have also contaminated the water. The water is usually transported multiple times to multiple different places to be treated and sanitized. Different methods and options are being used and employed by different companies. According to the article “One Way to Solve Fracking's Dirty Problem” GE is looking at an alternative to the current ways that water is being cleaned. They major option they are looking at is “ membrane distillation, which combines heat and decreased pressure to vaporize water using membranes to separate pure water vapor from salt water.”( One Way to Solve Fracking's Dirty Problem). This would be a more efficient process that does everything in one place and in one machine. This solution however would not be able to be used everywhere. This process was based of membrane distillation which is used on salt water. In areas that salt water is used in the fracking process, this would be the process that they could

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