Personal Narrative: Aliens Vs. Predators

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One day me and my family were going on a trip to the water park . When got on the road we heard a loud Boom!!!We stopped the car and we got out to see what it was and it was a spaceship. My brother Jr crouched down got real close to the ship and it turned invisible .Then when Jr got a little closer a worm like thing sucked him up. My mom was panicking really bad . In my head i was thinking about a movie called aliens vs predators .But in this case they were the predators and we were there prey.Everyone was panicking we ran down the street to go to the hotel that was up the street. I was thinking about Jr and what the aliens were doing to him .When we where around the corner from the hotel . There was a alley and a old man in there i stopped will everyone kept going .The old man had said hey kid I then really got scared because he looked like a old turtle with grey hair .…show more content…
I then said yes that's my brother Jr. The old man said well I can help you get him back My eyes started to glow and I started to smile .first he said we are going to need lots of flash lights and lots of toilet tissue .in my head I was thinking is he crazy.. He then said the flashlights melt them and tissue weaken them. I then thought about it so I went back to tell my mom and the others .When I told the others they just stared at me and then got angry my brother billy was the only none that believed in me. He said i'll come with you. The others stayed and billy and I went back to the ally way where the old man was . When we got there he told us to put on a old sports jacket and old stinky boots . We didn't even ask him why we just did it

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