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Andriel R. Weir Linda Schink English 101-018 28 September 2015 Overpaid A positon paper on Two Sides to Every Coin: Are Professional Athletes Overpaid? In today’s society, it’s easy to say that sports are a big part of many Americans lives. With a ride range of sports and sports team and die-heated fans you can always find some heated debate over who and what sport is better. One thing most people can agree on is that athletes are overpaid. The median household income for the average worker is around $51,000. On the other hand the average income for an NBA player is around $5.15 million. To most Americans this doesn’t seem fair that athletes can make millions just playing one game while they struggle to make monthly mortgage payments.…show more content…
Depending on your rank and how skillful of a player you are, you could make more or less the amount your teammates make. This might not seem so fair when both of you do the same thing and put in the same amount of effort. In a regular work environment however, you can assume that everyone who does the same job gets paid the same amount. It isn’t until your position change that you will receive a higher wage. Another thing to put into consideration is the injuries athletes sustain. It’s not uncommon to see an injured knee, spinal cord, or head injuries within the players. For this reason many insurance companies won’t even accept players and if so they don’t get as much coverage. In some cases these injuries may become permanent and cause the player to become out of work. Not being able to play will cause a significant hit to their bank account. Not to mention the amount of money that will go towards medical bills, surgery, and

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