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Sparta and Athens are great city-states, both are militarily strong. However they have many key differences in political beliefs and ways of life. Sparta was very prominent military state. Sparta was located in a valley on the Peloponnesian peninsula, 25 miles from the nearest coast, they could only attack and be attacked by land. This allowed them to focus on being a land power. Spartan boys had to leave home their seventh year and join the other men in the barracks until they are about 30. They spent their time exercising, hunting, practicing with weapons and listening to stories of bravery and valor. All Spartan citizens were expected to put their city-state before themselves. Spartans are famous for their militaristic self- discipline.…show more content…
Second, were twenty-eight men over the age of sixty years old, called the elders. Third was five officials elected annually called Ephors. The Ephors’s job was to make policy and enforce the law. Legislation had to be approved by Sparta’s adult citizens, who were called the alike. The Spartan population was never very large, in fact the Helots (slaves own by the city-state) outnumbered Sparta’s free citizens. Due to Sparta’s military focus there wasn’t time for much else, most of the dirty work was left to the Helots. The Helots were treated severely poor, and persistently looked for chances to revolt. Athens differed very much from Sparta in many ways. Located near the coast, Athens possessed many ships, and became militarily strong in a maritime empire. Still Athens was not nearly as militarily focused as Sparta. Athenians had more of an appreciation of knowledge and the arts. Athens financed many beautiful temples and public buildings, and was the home of many great artists and philosophers. Athens had fertile readily available farmland and opportunities for seaborne trade which allowed many families to increase their wealth and improve their standing. From 800-700 BCE Athens economic conditions grew better which caused its population expand at an extraordinary

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