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One of the scenes in the movie showed that Said and Hubert were being tortured by the police. There have 2 cases where happened in Malaysia which similar with the scene that the suspect have been tortured by the police, but the difference of the scene and cases where happened in Malaysia was Said and Hubert haven been release by the police within one day, but the cases in Malaysia of the suspect do not release by the police and the suspect was died in police station. One of the cases where happened in Malaysia was a 22 years old Indian boy named as Kugan Anathan. He was arrested by police on suspicious of car thief. According to Mradmin (2009), stated that after the four days (Jan 20) that Kugan Anathan had been arrested were found he died at Subang Jaya police station and the initial explanation by the police for his death was ‘water in the lungs’. Relatives of Kugan Anathan…show more content…
On the fifth day (16 MAY2003) that Ulaganathan had been arrested, his mother was allowed to visit him. This is the first time that his mother visited him, his mother saw Ulaganathan’ eyes have been swollen. The second time of his mother visit Ulaganathan is on 23 MAY 2003, this time his mother noticed that Ulaganathan was walking with a limp due to the sole of his foot was swollen (Charles, 2003). In addition, Ulaganathan’ eyes still have swollen. The third time of his mother visit was after seven days of the second times visit, his mother notice that Ulaganathan’ eyes and leg still swollen (Charles, 2003). Besides that, Ulaganathan also complained to his mother that he unable to sleep well at night due to the ache of his body (Charles, 2003). The last visit of his mother was on the 11 July 2003 (Charles, 2003). His mother said that Ulaganathan’s condition had been more serious such as him unable to sit on the chair and have the meal (Charles,

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