Ronna Scott's Short Story

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Today I am going to tell you the story of Ronna Scott. Ronna Scott was born on February 14th.Ronna was born in Dubuque Iowa. The most influential person to Ronna as a child was her mother,because she always taught her the right things to do. When Ronna was a child she was most afraid of the bats that flew around her house in the summer time. She was always afraid that they were going to get tangled up in her hair. She was also really afraid of the ghost that lived in her house with her. She saw a ghost in her hallway and she heard them up in her attic. She heard footsteps in her attic and people talking.One night she was laying in her bed trying to fall asleep and her front door opened. She thought it was her dad coming home from work. Then…show more content…
Her brother came sneaking up behind her and pulled the rug out from under her feet. She fell and her and her brother starting laughing. The most embarrassing moment that ever happened to Ronna was when she was going down a waterslide with shorts on. Halfway down the water slide she got stuck because her shorts were not slippery enough. She had to push herself with her hands to get the rest of the way down. She felt like everyone was watching her. When Ronna had free time in the summer she will go outside and work in her flower garden. But in the winter she will crochet blankets and other things for her family. Today Ronna is working as a babysitter. Her little brother influenced her to become a babysitter because when he was little he always wanted her to play with him. She realized how sweet and cute he was and so she decided when she grew up,she was going to be a babysitter. Ronna Babysat for 14 years. The only job she has had for 14 years was being a babysitter. Today Ronna is 60 years old. The reason I choose Ronna to do a biography on was because I did not know very much about her and I wanted to learn more. While I was interviewing her I learned some very interesting things I did not know

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