Antigone In Greek Theater

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1. Greek theater took place in a hillside amphitheater. There were rows of seats for the audience. There was an orchestra and a skene in the amphitheater. All the actors wore masks to represent characters. Twice a year plays were done. They were presented at religious festivals. They were done in January and March. There would be a trilogy of tragic plays with satyr play after it. A cash prize was given to the play that was voted the best. The state paid for Greek theater. There were three producers. They had to find a place for rehearsal and rent it. The state paid for all the expenses. People could get tickets to the plays for free. This allowed everyone to be able to watch the plays. Amphitheater size was what limited how many people could…show more content…
The exposition of Oedipus Rex is when Creon returns from Delphi. He says that the oracle told him that they have to find the murderer in Thebes. Oedipus says he will take on the task of finding the murderer. The rising action of the play is when Oedipus talks to Teiresias. He won’t tell Oedipus what he knows about the murder. Oedipus gets mad about this. It is then that we see the hubris. Oedipus thinks he is above the gods. Teiresias tries telling Oedipus to stop searching for the murderer because it will be bad when people realize who the murderer is. The climax is when Oedipus realized the truth about who the murderer is. The messenger comes back to Thebes to tell the story of the murder of Laios. Oedipus and Iocaste realized Oedipus is the one who murdered Laios. Iocaste commits suicide. The falling action is when Oedipus stabs his eyes. He blinds himself. He wants everyone to come and see him as the murderer. Oedipus said he felt the pain of stabbing his eyes but he still feels the pain inside. The resolution is when Oedipus talks to Creon. He asks Creon to see his kids for the last time. He wants Creon to take care of them. When people realize their dad is Oedipus, no one is going to want to be with them. Oedipus also asks Creon to ban him from Thebes. Creon agrees. When Creon says, “Think no longer that you are in command here, but think how when you were, you served your own destruction” we now know that Creon is in charge. The moment of reversal and recognition in Oedipus Rex is when the messenger comes to Thebes. Oedipus realizes Laios and Iocaste are his real parents and that the prophesies came true. It is then that Oedipus realizes he is the murderer he’s been looking

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