How To Establish Core Measures In Hospitals

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Core measures are evidence-based practice standards designed to improve overall patient care. The idea of establishing Core Measures in hospitals came from The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2000. Hospitals are held accountable by measuring their efficiency in these core measure areas in an effort to gain reimbursement. ("Joint Commission," 2015, p. 2). Core measures have been established to monitor hospitals and their treatment of many emergent conditions such as pneumonia. Emergency departments must initiate core measures when a patient comes into the ED with suspected pneumonia. Doctors will order blood cultures prior to initial antibiotic, typically within 4 hours of patients’ arrival in triage and no more than 24 hours after…show more content…
("Teamwork and Collaboration," 2015) Communication is the key concept that brings each of the team members together. For example, patient care technicians must communicate with the nurses, especially when problems arise. Doctors, therapist, and nurses must communicate to provide the best care possible. One way hospitals have facilitated communication between the patients and health care team is by putting dry erase boards in each patient’s room. These boards help to connect patients their families, and the healthcare team. ("Teamwork and Collaboration," 2015, para. 1). When patients come into the ED with signs and symptoms of pneumonia the communication between the nurses and doctors begin. Core measures are activated and blood cultures are taken within 4 hours. The first appropriate antibiotic is given and quality consistent care is provided for the patient. The team effort between patient care technicians, nurses and doctors maintains the highest level of quality care to ensure patients receive the proper treatment while in the

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